One System to Rule Them All

What if there was one system that replaced all the rest?  Something that could do everything we would ever need to do with a computer, from writing a letter, to the most complicated database configurations. If such a system were available, if it was better than what you use now, and if it were free and open... would you use it? Is it possible to make one single comprehensive system to run your business, personal and all other applications.

It would be the system that would dominate and change the way we use computers, its called Drupal...  Never heard of it !

An Invitation to Run Our Company

George Orwell said,

"to see what is in front of our nose needs a constant struggle ".

There is a wave of  technology in front of us today that we may no see nor quite understand. What is this technology? What opportunities will there be, what will this technology eventually make us do?

Here is a business proposition that is based on this technology, that requires your involvement. 



Metroecho consists of four site types each for a distinct use.

Commerce is a storefront consignment store that permits users to interact with this software. The place to learn this technology and sell items you have aroung your home or businesss.    

Community  Sites designated by county provide social media, local advertising and data services. These sites showcase the database and socila media side of this software. Local income opportunities can be are maximized through these sites.

Information  Marketing literature, "how to" information, sequenced mailers, and newsletters. 

Administration  A wiki style problem solving site that handles global administration of the company. CRM, Ledgers and spreadsheets integrate to provide a state of the art online management and accounting platform. Finance, accounting and client services for Metroecho, are administered from this system.